Free workshops and presentations will run throughout the day of the IamExpat Fair, where industry insiders will share their knowledge on how things work in Germany. The wide range of workshops can be found below, and more will be added as they become available.

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Please note that you must register separately for each workshop and for general entrance to the IamExpat Fair. 

  • 10.20am - 10.50am

    From thriving to surviving in Berlin

    Presented by: Sigrid Arteaga

  • 10.30am - 11.00am

    Learning German and changes to immigration rules in 2024

    Presented by: Mobile Lingua & Germany Step-by-Step

  • 10.50am - 11.20am

    Achieving career and financial success in Germany

    Presented by: FrauFUTURE

  • 11.10am - 11.40am

    Simplifying utility bills in Germany

    Presented by: Utility Direct

  • 11.20am - 11.50am

    The 3 must-have types of insurance in Germany, explained

    Presented by: Feather

  • 11.40am - 12.10am

    Buying a property in Berlin the S.A.V.E. way

    Presented by: Bspace Estate

  • 12.00pm - 12.30pm

    How to find a Kita in Berlin

    Presented by: Kietzee

  • 12.10pm - 12.40pm

    Reinvent your career in Europe with an MBA

    Presented by: ESMT Berlin

  • 12.30pm - 1.00pm

    Your guide to settling into life in Germany

    Presented by: HAVENS LIVING

  • 12.50pm - 1.20pm

    The ultimate legal guide to launching your online business

    Presented by: spotlegal

  • 1.00pm - 1.30pm

    Money and finances in Germany made simple

    Presented by: MLP Financial Advisors

  • 1.20pm - 1.50pm

    Everything you need to know about health insurance in Germany

    Presented by: Versicherungsbüro Weiss

  • 1.40pm - 2.10pm

    Adapting to culture shock as an expat in Germany

    Presented by: Family Goes for Career

  • 1.50pm - 2.20pm

    Start your tech career in Germany in 2024

    Presented by: DataScientest

  • 2.10pm - 2.40pm

    How expats can save and invest in Germany

    Presented by: ExpatEase (formerly Horbach Expats)

  • 2.30pm - 3.00pm

    Everything you need to know about buying a property in Germany

    Presented by: Relosophy

  • 2.40pm - 3.10pm

    How to write the best application for your MBA

    Presented by: TUM (Technical University of Munich)

  • 3.00pm - 3.30pm

    An expat guide to tech jobs in Germany

    Presented by: Le Wagon

  • 3.20pm - 3.50pm

    All about filing your US taxes abroad

    Presented by: MyExpatTaxes

  • 3.30pm - 4.00pm

    Financial advice for expat homebuyers in Germany

    Presented by: Finance for Expats

  • 3.50pm - 4.20pm

    Planning for your retirement as an expat in Germany

    Presented by: Getsafe

  • 4.10pm - 4.40pm

    An expat guide to happiness

    Presented by: Julie Leonard Coaching

  • 4.20pm - 4.50pm

    How to start a business as an expat in Germany

    Presented by: Foreigners Lawyer